Tune Up Fitness

Branding & Design

Tune Up Fitness is a health and wellness company that offers products and education focused on helping people alleviate physical pain and stress, improve athletic performance, and ultimately, move better in their bodies.

When I joined the Tune Up Fitness team, my tasks included creating graphics to support all marketing efforts, creating and maintaining brand guidelines, updating physical packaging for retail, and coding and developing landing and site pages.


Every month, we would set a theme to guide and direct the topics we'd cover in our blog posts, newsletters, and social media channels. Each article has an accompanying artwork used to update our social media cover photos and keep our community engaged.


We updated the packaging of all therapy ball products to show more cohesive branding and encourage product familiarity and loyalty. We switched out traditional hang tags for a more sleek, higher quality paper that wraps around therapy ball products securely (it was common for the old hang tags to damage, warp, and fall off). These wraps also gave us more space to explain the product's benefits and use cases and allowed the product to be neatly placed on shelves and display cases with little to no movement.

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